Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lymphatic Massage


 Do You Have:

*      Pain and/or Inflammation

*      Low Energy/Fatigue

*      Susceptibility to Colds/Flu

*      Headaches/Sinus Problems

*      Neck/Shoulder Pain

*      Limited Range of Motion

*      Stiff Muscles

*      Illness

Lymph Massage can often help people who suffer with pain, inflammation, low energy, fatigue, susceptibility to colds and flu, headaches, sinus problems, neck and shoulder pain, limited range of motion, stiff muscles and various illnesses.  

After all, a healthy lymph system is part of our body’s effective immune response.  A sluggish lymphatic system can cause all kinds of mischief, including damaging the immune reaction.  There are many reasons that the lymph system becomes impaired.  One of the common ways that this happens is when lymph fluid becomes blocked in different parts of the body because of tight or twisted muscles. 

Having a massage that drains the lymph, relaxes the muscles and restores proper muscle structure can often relieve tightness and discomfort that has been carried for years.  Other benefits may include: detoxification, improved immune function, releasing muscle strain, increased mobility, and increased energy.

Jan Olds has been practicing massage in Salt Lake City for the past 17 years and has developed a unique massage that blends lymphatic drainage and structural integration.  She is also known internationally as a neck and shoulder expert. 

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