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Are You Absorbing Oils and Fats?

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Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and this article should not replace professional medical care

Most people have heard how important it is to have good oils and fats in their diet.  It is widely accepted that oils are imperative for:
  • Brain and Organ Function
  • Hormone Health
  • Healthy Skin, Eyes and Bones
  • Proper Metabolism
  • Mood Stabilization
  • Energy
  • Reproductive Health

The problem is that most people think that if they are taking a supplement or eating foods high in oil then they are getting what they need.  Unfortunately many people do not absorb oils and fat properly.  If this is true for you, then no matter how much oil supplementation you do, your body simply can't use the oil.

I have given many lymphatic massages in the last 15 years.  Each year, more and more clients come to me in despair.  Some just have a feeling that something is wrong with their health but their physicians can't find anything.  Others, have auto-immune illness and are trying to find ways to feel better.

When I touch healthy clients there is a different feel to their skin and muscle tone then clients with auto-immune type problems.  I am starting to believe that people with these types of illnesses are simply not absorbing oils properly.

In the 1950's, Dr Budwig, a cancer doctor in Europe, noticed that her patients were not absorbing oils and hypothesized that this was a crucial factor in their developing cancer.  She developed a diet that included her own unique concoction, designed to deliver flax seed to the body instantly.  She reports that many people with tumors and degenerative disease have been radically helped by this diet.

Recently I have had several clients with chronic health issues try the Budwig concoction and I am starting to see improvement in overall health when this is eaten on a fairly regular basis.  Regularity is important as it can take some time to get the body balanced after severe deprivation.

Here is the recipe for the Budwig concoction, or as she calls it, muesli.

I personally add a scoop of Trader Joe's powdered Super Green drink to mine.  The green makes it look less than appetizing but the combination seems to really increase my overall energy levels

Also this recipe has many substitution options which I am not listing but should be easy enough to find with an online search.

Customized Cottage Cheese Flax Seed Oil Recipe:

3 TB Spoons Organic Flax Seed Oil
6 TB Spoons Organic Cottage Cheese (Do not use nonfat.  I use low fat)
2 TB Spoons Fresh Ground Organic Flax Seeds
Non Sugar Flavoring to hide the taste of of the Flax Seed

Using an immersion hand-held blender(a stick-shaped mixer)blend the cottage cheese with the flax seed oil until the oil is no longer separated.

Grind the flax seeds in a coffee grinder and add to the mixture.  (Flax seeds must be used within 20 minutes after grinding or they start to breakdown.)

Add your flavoring.

Add one scoop of Trader Joe's powdered Super Green Drink*  Mix well.

*The Super Green Drink is optional but if you are not absorbing oils, chances are that you are not absorbing many nutrients.  This green drink tastes good and is a great way to get your nutrients.

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